Frequently asked Questions & Answers?

When should I ask B.O.A.T for help?

For dealing with problems in the Park, we are requesting and will adhere to the following procedures. 

1. For Emergencies call 911 

2. For issues with a neighbor, go to them respectfully & try to work it out. 

3. For observed problems on your property or in the park, phone the park office. 

4 If after a 2nd phone call, pickup an action request form in the clubhouse, fill out and turn in to park office. 

5. After 10 days, if no action has been taken please give a copy of the action request form to a BOAT officer and BOAT will assist you in finding a solution or advocate with you with Big Oak management. 

Documentation, and written information is invaluable and we will gladly try to help find a solution. We will do our best for you, and we request to let us help you if a solution hasn't been found after these 5 steps have been taken. 

The documentation is key.  You must have given management a written request without documentation nothing can be done by park management or by 

B.O.A.T. wants to help you resolve the problem.  If you see a problem document it.  Only after our management has failed to act on it will B.O.A.T. get involved.

I have a problem with my neighbor will B.O.A.T. help me?

The purpose of B.O.A.T. is to help you resolve any problems with park management. We cannot and will not "pick sides" or try to resolve things you don't like with or about your neighbor.  If the problem is interfering with your peaceful enjoyment of your property contact the park management.  We will only get involved if they fail to help resolve the problem.

How can I help B.O.A.T.?

B.O.A.T. has few financial expenses, but it does have some.  You can make a tax-deductible gift to B.O.A.T. to help us better serve our community.  You can also attend the general meetings of B.O.A.T. and serve on one of the committees that B.O.A.T. is beginning.  ie: Facilities, Neighbors helping Neighbors, Special Projects, & others.

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What do B.O.A.T. area reps do?


AREA Rep Duties – 

1. To act as a liaison between the BOAT officers and neighbors in the area to send information to and from the BOAT officers

2. To alert park management and BOAT of any safety or crime potential issues in their area of the park

3. To help coordinate and communicate to Neighborhood Watch volunteers in their area of the park

4. To distribute and gather information that helps our park be a safe environment.