What is B.O.A.T.

Our Big Oak Association of Tenants is an Homeowners Association registered with the State of California as a non-profit corporation which gives us legal standing with the State of California for the following benefits.

*** We can negotiate , as a group, issues with the park owner/manager

*** We notify the Park each year of our intent to potentially purchase the park if the owner ever consider selling.

By incorporating in 1975 it gave BOAT legal standing as a group to seek legal action if ever necessary.

BOAT CANNOT MAKE OR ENFORCE PARK RULES & REGULATIONS, only the park owners/mgmt can do that. The owner/manager is in charge of maintaining the park not the HOA. 

Our purpose is ultimately to work together to communicate with the owners/management on behalf of all us homeowners in Big Oak for the improvement and betterment of our community. And for the purposes  of positively affecting the value of our homes and lives in Big Oak Mobile Home Park. 

All homeowners in Big Oak are members of BOAT by virtue of their mobile home being located in Big Oak. 

We will do our best as officers to keep you informed and request your help in serving in various upcoming projects to further enrich our community lives together.

We are glad you are a part of the Big Oak Community.

Please give us your feedback.

Our policy as B.O.A.T. officers is please talk to us or give us feedback.  Our motto is you can talk to any officer any time.  Some of our officers still work and have a lttile more time constrains.   Please get to know what area you are in and get to know your area representative.  See our Question and Answer Page for more information about when to ask B.O.A.T. for help.

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Our next meeting is Saturday, 9/22 at 11:00

Items we will be discussing and voting on....


Ad Hoc Groups & action groups.

BOAT bulletin board


BOAT Meetings

Club House- Public schedule


Clubhouse - Private Party and use of   facilities



Dog Poop

Food closet for residents in need


Holiday Dinners

Oven in club house


Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Lot outsiders


Pool - children visitors

Pool Steps


Residents to voice issues

Rule Enforcement



Sign for 55 and over


Spa Lighting



Street Lamp replacement

Table and Chair set up and take down


Tree Management

User Friendly clubhouse


Water Repairs

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We need your help to vote on which items you feel are the most important to work on, and ideas that you have that can our community a better place for all of us.  This will also be a place for you to hear the vision you officers have for our new and improved B.O.A.T. 

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