News and Bills regarding Mobile Homes.

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AB 1796 (Muratsuchi D) Rental  property: electric vehicle charging stations.
AB  1870(Reyes D) Employment  discrimination: unlawful employment practices.

AB 1919 (Wood D) Price gouging: state of emergency - SUPPORT

AB 1943 (Waldron - R) Manufactured housing: foundation systems: installation: common interest developments.
AB 2056 (Garcia, Eduardo D) Mobilehomes. - SUPPORT
AB 2219 (Ting D) Landlord-tenant: 3rd-party payments.
AB 2343 (Chiu D) Real property: possession: unlawful detainer.
AB 2413 (Chiu D) Tenancy: law enforcement and emergency assistance.
AB 2501 (Chu D) Drinking water: consolidation and extension of service.
AB 2588 (Chu D) Manufactured housing - SUPPORT
AB 2708 (Reyes D) Contracts: translation - SUPPORT
AB 2930 (Santiago D) Tenant  rights.
AB 3066 (Mark Stone D) Mobilehome Residency Law  Protection Act - SPONSOR

SB 46 (Leyva D) Mobilehomes: enforcement actions: sunset provision - SUPPORT
SB 481 (Pan D) Successor agencies: assets: disposal.

SB 998 (Dodd D) Water shutoffs: urban and community water systems - SUPPORT
SB 1130 (Leyva D) Manufactured homes - SUPPORT
SB 1215 (Hertzberg D) Drinking water systems and sewer systems: consolidation and extension of service.
SB 1265 (Wieckowski D) Common interest developments: elections.
SB 1327(Atkins D) Building Homes and Jobs Act.