Boat Officers

 BOAT President Dave Dillman 916-751-6016

Text Cell

BOAT Vice President Marilyn Rice 916-560-3139

Text or Call Cell

BOAT Secretary Grace Keller & Roger Mark 916-899-4419

Text or Call Cell

BOAT Treasurer Diana Wells 916-723-0635


BOAT Board Member Robert Jackson 916-212-9953


BOAT Board Member Deborah Homme 916-735-5523


BOAT Board Member Lee Briones 530-305-4363 Call leave message

BOAT Area 1 Leader Jerri Langer 916-745-4871  

BOAT Area 2 Leader Liz Boyens 916-316-9959  

BOAT Area 3 Leader Scott Cuen 916 649-9560  

BOAT Area 4 Leader Joe Messer 916-745-3619  

BOAT Area 5 Leader Robert Jackson 916-212-9953  

BOAT Area 6 Leader Glen Symmons 916-5860901  

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Boat Officers and Area Reps

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Big Oak Mobile Home Park Communication Page rev 7-1-18 (docx)


BOAT Flyer - for Sep 22nd 2018 (docx)


BOAT MTG 2018-05-28 (docx)


BOAT MTG 2018-06-25 (docx)


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